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Furry Pom Pom Pillow at Crafts Unleashed

Create this fun furry pom pom pillow - I shared the fun DIY over at Crafts Unleashed! 

You guys - I think this is one of my current favorite DIYs. This pom pom pillow not only lets out my 'fun-ness' in my little apartment BUT it's also furry which I'm so into these days. And it's so freaking' easy to make. 

pom pom fur pillow

Free Printable Hustle - Leaf Wreath Motivational Poster

If you struggle to hustle, maybe this motivational poster will help! I love hanging motivational quotes and prints in my office area and all around my home - and this free printable just reminds me to hustle when I need to!

free printable hustle poster

DIY Mini Mountain Shelf at Crafts Unleashed

The new year urges me to organize better. A few weeks ago I created this mini mountain wood shelf so I can help my sister organize her room better and I just love how it turned out! Create your own mini mountain wood shelf with the tutorial I shared over at Crafts Unleashed! 

DIY wood shelf nursery decor

Watercolor Galaxy Pennant at Crafts Unleashed

Happy New Year folks! How is the year treating you so far? I shared this fun and easy watercolor pennant over at Crafts Unleashed a few days back. I am just loving galaxy watercolor these days - and how easy it is to create with the pens I used!

watercolor galaxy pennant banner
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